Sensational NEW Wash and Go clean and High Gloss rejuventation product. 

Cleans, conserves and protects with a deep High Gloss Shine and prolongs the LOTUS Effect and is based on modern day NANO Technology!! Only 30-50ml in 10 Liters of water, wash the vehicle, rinse off and dry - Finished!

Based on NANO Technology this new product is fast becoming a sensation Worldwide.

Simply mix 30-50ml with 10 Liters of warm water.  Wash the car/motorbike or Boat and see how the water just pearls off the surface! Once dried and settled the vehicle is left with an extremely Deep and High Gloss shine and the Lotus Pearl effect.

  • Leaves Surface with Deeply Intense and High Gloss Shine
  • Increases lifespan NANO Coated surfaces by up to 100%!
  • 10 -30ml only needed in 10 liters of water!
  • Only need be used every 2nd or 3rd Car wash!
  • Good Lotus Effect based on modern NANO Technology 
  • Ideal as Service Maintenance Product

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