ALL-In-ONE WATER BASED - Glass, Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Marble & Granit (Not floors), PVC

HYDAQ NANO IPEG 1 is one of a new generation of All-In-One Aquatic products that will ensure your home business or Industrial remains "easy-to_clean" and protected whilst at the same time saving time, effort, money, manpower and virtually eradicating the need to use cleaning chemicals and bleaches that are not only harmful to our environment but also to human beings!

Areas of application:

Ideal for all hygienic sensitive areas, such as nursing homes, hotels, guest houses, hospitals, households, food storing and processing areas.

Kitchen sinks & Washing basins (also enamel):
Toilets & Bidets
Wall tiles
All glass surfaces around the house
Showers & Bathtubs

NORMAL CHEMICAL CLEANING MATERIALS SHOULD NOT BE USED TO CLEAN A NANO COATED SURFACE - firstly most do not "deep clean" but produce only surface effect for a short period and are not usually environmentally friendly. Tensides and enzymes used in ther manufacture "clog up" the NANO coating, thus reducing the NANO effect.

For Disinfectionary After maintenance cleaning we recommend only water or the use of our NEW HYDAQ BIO Cleaner which is not only environmentally friendly but is manufactured entirely from whooly sustainable and natural raw materials!  30-50ml concentrate is enough to make between 5-10 litres of a very effective and environmentally protective Cleaning Agent! This product also has the effect of prolonging the NANO Coated surface by up to 50%.

  • Anti Bacterial & Disinfectionary
  • UV stable
  • Free from silicone, wax and oil
  • Resists limescale & Urinal Depositsbuild up
  • Much less cleaning needed
  • Thoroughly protects against contaminants
  • Up to 90% less cleaning agents needed
  • Water and oil is simply repelled
  • Less unpleasant odours in toilets
  • Dirt and limescale can no long adhere permanently to the surface and are more easily removed
  • Prevention against bacteria, algae and moss

Ideal for Glass, Showers, Mirrors, Tiles, Ceramics, Kitchen Surfaces, Plates, Drinking glasses, Cups etc. Lasts for up to 6-12 months. Cleaning thereafter only using a slighlty dampened microfilament cloth or the NANO BIO Cleaner Or NANO Wash N Go - Both Cleaners do not affect the coated surface and prolong the NANO Effects by up to 100%.

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