HYDAQ nano - Floor Coating Absorbent SUBSTRATES

HYDAQ NANO Concrete & Flooring Sealants' for Absorbent Surfaces are dirt and scuff resistant coating material based on nanotechnology. Our Absorbent coatings for Floors are prepared in such a way that the coated surface retains its natural colour and diffusion, whilst at the same time resiting fluids.  Nano particles form a natural barrier deep with the pores of the substrate, resulting in a hard wearing long term protection for the treated surfaces. Our 'Concrete & Flooring Sealant' provides protection against loam and soil, as well as contaminants such as Algae and Moss, wet leaves, oil and food.  

HYDAQ NANO Concrete & Flooring Sealants is the ideal sealant, for example in agricultural businesses, to protect concrete stables and other surfaces which are at risk from bacteria. 

Bacteria and other germs can no longer penetrate into the concrete or cement floors after the treatment with our sealant. Loam, soil, wet leaves and animals' faeces can no longer adhere to the floor and can simply be washed off with water. 

Stables and cattle stalls can be cleaned more easily and will be protected for longer against dangerous bacteria, which can cause diseases. Water is enough to clean the stables with. No need to use aggressive and expensive cleaning materials.  

General Cleansing:  For general cleaning we recommend our HYDAQ BIO Power Cleaner which is Bio Degradable and at the same time Disinfectionary!

HYDAQ NANO Concrete & Flooring Sealants can also be used in car garages, car washes, festival halls etc, where floors frequently get dirty due to, for example dirt, oil, red wine and other things.

  • Ranges of application:
    Car repair shops and garages
    Car washes
    Festival halls
    Kitchen worktops
    Gravestones & Sculptures

There are two different 'Concrete & Flooring NANO Sealants'
1. Concrete & Flooring Sealant for absorbent substrates:
Ideal for porous substrates & natural stone , which soak up water and can be worn down through use and exposure (Natural stones, untreated asbestos cement, sandstones, aerated concrete, untreated clinker bricks and masonry, other untreated paving stones).

2. Concrete & Flooring Sealant for slighty absorbent and non absorbent surfaces:
Ideal for all glazed stones (Marble, glazed clinker, glazed roofing tiles, glazed paving stones, tiles etc)

  • Diffusion and natural colour retained
  • Negates the need for aggressive chemical cleaning agents
  • Sealed surfaces can simply be washed off with water
  • Ideal protection against bacteria and other germs
  • Oil cannot get penetrate concrete and cement flooring
  • Long lasting protection against dirt and loam
  • Saves time and money on cleaning agents
  • Protection against red wine stains
  • Sealing lasts for periods up to 8-15 years
  • No optical changes
  • Easy handling



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